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Rewrite the Inner Monologue 
The stories we tell ourselves hold immense power. Our inner narratives shape our beliefs, actions and our reality. If you find yourself trapped in a cycle of negativity or self-doubt,...
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Curious Wonder
Curiosity, that inner spark that compels us to ask questions. To explore the unfamiliar, uncover mysteries and ask ‘why’. Throughout our evolutionary history, curiosity has played...
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Journeys to Remarkable Success
Here are three people that all hailed from different parts of the world, that I have been thinking about lately – a random thought. They all had extraordinary achievements,...
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Catching Your Inner Critic
Self-criticism is a term we’re all familiar with. But what does it really mean? Well, I believe, at its core, it involves judging and evaluating ourselves often with the eye of...
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Shifting Perspectives
Whatever situation you’re in, it’s all about the way you think. Let’s take a rainy day for example. Person A wakes up to the sound of rain outside and they see it as a gloomy day. A...
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Creating Your Focus Oasis
In the battle to rid yourself of attention deficit, the way you structure your surroundings plays an important role in determining your ability to focus. Focus effectively, that is. There...
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