Jake Anthoney

Rewrite the Inner Monologue 

The stories we tell ourselves hold immense power. Our inner narratives shape our beliefs, actions and our reality. If you find yourself trapped in a cycle of negativity or self-doubt, then my friend, it’s time for a transformation. Start by rewriting the script of your inner monologue. Replace your criticism with compassion, doubts with affirmations, …

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Curious Wonder

Curiosity, that inner spark that compels us to ask questions. To explore the unfamiliar, uncover mysteries and ask ‘why’. Throughout our evolutionary history, curiosity has played a pivotal role in our survival. Our ancestors had to be curious to explore new territories, discover food sources, and adapt to changing environments. The curious ones were actually …

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Creating Your Focus Oasis

In the battle to rid yourself of attention deficit, the way you structure your surroundings plays an important role in determining your ability to focus. Focus effectively, that is. There are some obvious solutions. 1. Declutter First off, get your coffee cups, yesterday’s lunch plates, old tissues and loose cables put away. A cluttered environment …

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