Catching Your Inner Critic

Self-criticism is a term we’re all familiar with.

But what does it really mean?

Well, I believe, at its core, it involves judging and evaluating ourselves often with the eye of a disapproving father.

You know the look I am talking about.

Too close to home? Okay, let’s back it up a little.

It’s that voice that tends to focus on our flaws, mistakes and shortcomings.

Here’s the tricky part…

It often operates in the background, like a subtle soundtrack to our lives.

It whispers oh so quietly that we’re not smart enough, not attractive enough, or not successful enough.

This constant self-evaluation runs havoc on our self-esteem and self worth, and it often goes unnoticed. It’s on autopilot.

The question then becomes, how can we shine a light on this covert self-critic?

As basic as this sounds, I believe it starts with awareness.

Pay attention to your thoughts.

Try and catch those moments when you’re your own toughest critic.

You have to keep in mind that your critiques are just thoughts, not absolute truths.

Take a deep breath, let that self-imposed judgment go by the wayside, be kinder to yourself and move forward.

Easier said than done, I know. But you have to try.

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