Creating Your Focus Oasis

In the battle to rid yourself of attention deficit, the way you structure your surroundings plays an important role in determining your ability to focus.

Focus effectively, that is.

There are some obvious solutions.

1. Declutter

First off, get your coffee cups, yesterday’s lunch plates, old tissues and loose cables put away.

A cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind, which makes it even harder to focus.

My advice, keep only the essential items on your desk, or workspace.

If you have a designated spot for everything, even better.

A tidy space promotes a tidy mind – whatever that means for you.

2. Get Notification Clear!

Before you sit down to do anything, turn that phone off, put the dogs out, shut the door and just escape from the world for a little while.

Something I have been recommended is noise canceling headphones.

If you are living with people, communicate your need to focus around certain times. This stops them from barging into the room and throwing you off your thoughts.

3. Think Ergonomics

Get a comfy chair.

It’s worth the investment, trust me.

And while you’re at it, get yourself a standing desk.

If you sit in front of a computer for as long as I do (about 8 hours per day), every little bit of comfort matters.

I also have just purchased a felt desk mat. On those cold winter mornings, it helps with getting the fingers warm for typing.

4. Look at Some Nature

If there is a way to position your desk to see your screen and nature in the background, some studies have shown that it can increase your focus.

I have tried it, it’s worked for me. I suggest you try it as well and see.

If this is not possible, get some indoor plants.

Bringing a bit of outdoors to the indoors can help create some tranquillity.

5. Organised Systems

Consider creating a system for the way you work.

For writing and creative work, I have recorded my screen to help me see patterns in the processes I use.

Then, I add those processes to a project management software. I like Asana.

That way, the next time I start some similar work, there is a step by step system I can follow immediately.

Less stress, less thinking, more doing.

It helps create structure and prevents mental clutter.

That’s it for now.

These are just some tips that have helped me with creating more focus, I hope they help you too!

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