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Give Away The Farm

It might sound counterintuitive, but a lot entrepreneurs give away all their secrets.

They do it in the hope of gaining new clients or customers.

Here’s the thing, it works.

If you spend an hour teaching someone how to fix a problem, you are not only adding value to their life, but also proving that you know your stuff.

The trick is, don’t hold back. Teach them everything. And I mean – Everything.

Give away all your secrets, and if you can do this at scale, even better.

What happens is, a small percentage of people will take that knowledge and apply it to their business. Great, good for them, don’t you feel good you helped someone.

But it doesn’t stop there.

There will be an even smaller percentage of people that just won’t have the time, or the interest in doing it themselves. But they know they need it done.

That group of people will become your customers.

By showing them all your secrets, all the tips and tricks, you have proved you know what you are doing. You have shown them you understand their problems, and illustrated how to fix them.

Now, they are left with only two choices. Should I do it, or should you.

This works, I’ve used it in my own business. You should try it in yours.

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