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How to Stay Motivated as a Beginner Writer

In this new age of writing online, we need to remind ourselves the value of just one reader.

If someone decided to click on your article, read it all the way, and got something out of it, that is a great result. That is what writing is all about.

You have to celebrate the little wins.

If 10 people read it that’s incredible, if 100 people read it that’s amazing.

Imagine sitting in a room with 100 people. That’s the size of an average wedding.

Don’t get me wrong, it must be great to publish a piece of content and get millions of people to read it right away. To release a book and it reach the best sellers list in a matter of days. Or send an email out to millions of subscribers and go viral.

But all these comparisons distract from celebrating our own success, and I think a lot of writers would be happier if they started to appreciate what they have, instead of what they don’t.

There has never been a better time in history to get your writing out to readers. There are forums, websites, social media, and Medium, where all the real writers post content.

But being a real writer doesn’t depend on how many people read your words. Even if only a few people read what you write, you’re still a writer. You don’t need the thousands of views to justify your writing. If only one person reads it, gets something out of it, then you’ve done the work of a writer.

It’s important that we get some healthy perspective. Before you try and climb a mountain, you need to start taking the first steps.

Writing is the same.

Instead of focusing on reaching millions of readers, why not focus on reaching a few readers and chalk that up as success, and go from there.

It’s great to be ambitious, to want to achieve more and be successful. But if all that ambition is causing you analysis paralysis, then your goals need to change.

The only thing that matters is to keep writing, so don’t let anything stop you, and celebrate the small wins everyday!

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