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How To Teach – Anything

Have you ever wondered how some teachers keep their students so engaged, while others struggle to hold their attention?

Well, there are some vast difference between great teachers and good teachers.

But teaching doesn’t have to be hard.

There’s a simple 3 step process to you can apply to increase engagement.

Step 1: Tell a Story

A story is one of the most captivating methods to holding someones attention.

A good story starts with a struggle, and finishes on a high.

For example: If you are teaching someone how to lose weight, talk about your journey from being so low on energy, that you could barely get out of bed, to now, having the ability to play with your children, all day.

What you’re doing, through this process, is connecting with your student, you are humanising the learning experience.

Step 2: Teach the Lessons

Every struggle teaches us something. It shows us how we went from problem to solution.

During this transition there is much to be learned. These are the lessons you teach your students.

Going back to our original example, the lesson could be; the routine you started to adapt so you can fit exercise in each day. It can be the foods you found most nourishing, while also, keeping your daily calorie consumption down. How about the tools you used, calendar, apps or alarms?

These tips and tricks, you picked up on your journey, are the lessons you teach.

Step 3: Time For Action

The next question, from your students will be, ‘okay great, what do I do first?’

This is when you guide your student through each process, showing them how they can apply this to their own life. How to take action, now.

For example, you can start by getting them to pull their calendars out and blocking certain days in the week to work out. You can show them how to grocery shop, or, where you found the best calorie counting app.

That’s it!

If you’ve ever been lost, when it comes to teaching, use this 3 step framework.

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