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Start Small, Achieve Greatness

I have studied some of the greatest people on earth. Turns out, they’re human too, there is only some slight differences.

Now, don’t get me wrong, becoming great at anything takes huge amounts of effort, and a level of commitment that can be unfathomable to others.

I am still working towards that goal myself, I’m nobody special.

But if we don’t pay attention to clues of how people become great, then we won’t know how to replicate it in our lives.

You Got to Fail

You have to stop beating yourself up.

You have to be comfortable getting things wrong. You need to be okay with messing up, constantly.

Here’s the thing that nobody tells you…

When you fail, you get closer to being unique. Failure helps you narrow your focus.

This is an invaluable piece of becoming great at something. Not only are you learning what not to do, you are also honing in your skills on something that nobody else is working on.

The People You Listen Too Matter

Garbage in equals garbage out.

The quality of information your brain absorbs, becomes the quality of information you output.

If all you do is watch Reality TV, spend hours on Social Media, and consume sensationalised conspiracy theories, your view of the world will be completely different to someone that is reading or watching information to do with productivity, communication and critical thinking.

Improve your information diet, and improve your life.

It’s A Competition

Whether you are getting better or not, your competition is.

Someone is out there, right now, trying to beat you at whatever you are doing.

They are spending hours, days, weeks, months, thinking and learning about the very thing you are trying to get better at.

Whatever your weaknesses are, your competition is looking to exploit them in some way.

Whatever your strengths are, your competition is trying to improve on them.

It’s a constant battle, and it doesn’t stop.

But this should be used as fuel in the journey to becoming great. We don’t live in a vacuum. To be considered great, you have to be better than someone else.

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