The Balance of Saying ‘No’

‘Here’s a little reminder, you don’t have to say yes.

Actually, you should be saying no, more often, and more frequently.

I can’t tell you how many emails I get from people that want to build my business, write me a book, or pay me money to promote all manner of products and services.

Saying ‘No’ gives you power, it puts you in the drivers seat.

You see it time and time again.

The same celebrity or social media influencer, shoving down your throat, another B.S. product that came at the expense of their dignity – or what shred of it they had.

Yes, in the early days, I did a little of that too. But the difference is it was always products I used.

Now, I say ‘No’, a lot.

I don’t even have a large audience, but I’m building this muscle for when things do take off – hopefully.

Saying no is powerful in other aspects of life.

Like doing work for free, looking after a friends bird, playing golf – all no.

Saying no has changed my life, it’s a tool for self-care.

It’s allowing me to live honourably, with more intention and nurturing the relationships that truly matter.

Saying no isn’t about rejection; it’s about embracing a life of balance.

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