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The Modern Day Productivity Killer

The constant phone scrolling is killing your brain.

New studies show that ‘doom scrolling’ can lead to worse physical and mental health.

It’s training your brain to constantly search for small amounts of dopamine hits, with anything it does. And that’s just not how it works in the real world.

So this means its destroying our ability to focus, on any meaningful work, for long periods of time.

The constant dopamine hit is ruining the way our brain responses to information.

Here are some tips, to help you stop scrolling, from extreme to less extreme:

  1. Get rid of your ‘Smart’ phone and replace it with a Dumb phone. With a dumb phone you only get notifications from text or phone calls. At the end of the day, that’s all a phone should be used for.
  2. Delete all the scrolling social media apps. This is the heart of the problem. If you’re reluctant to rid your smart phone just delete the social apps that you use the most. Watch how you instantly win back your focus and concentration.
  3. Subscribe to a quality news publication. I recommend the New York Times. Get back to reading each day. Reverse the damage of doom scrolling by reducing the amount of dopamine hits. It’s an addiction, so treat it like one. Small steps, every day.
  4. Read a real book. I find a real difference with holding a book, rather than reading one on my phone. When you use a digital medium to read a book, phone, iPad etc, the change is not drastically different and its too easy to slip back into the temptation of opening your social app. You can’t do that with a book.
  5. Leave your phone in another room while working. The further away it is from you, the more energy to grab it. This is a good thing because we are generally lazy. If you leave it downstairs, or on the opposite side of the house, working is an easier decision than making the trip to grab your phone. Use your ‘laziness’ to your advantage.

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