Try This To Boost Focus

I’ve been struggling with focus lately.

When you look at the digital landscape we live in now, focus is become a depleting resource.

Besides from keeping a journal, which I have spoken about before, I now do something else.

Problem solving exercises.

Specifically – Logic Problems.

It’s done amazing things for my mental health and focus.

Admittedly, I still check social media in the morning, but I limit it to 10 minutes, stop doom scrolling, then switch to do 3-5 logic puzzles.

I use the Brilliant app.

These puzzles get the problem solving cogs turning in your brain. They also force you to focus on reading instructions, sit with the information in your head, and think.

I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my focus again.

Spending long amounts of time on social media can have a detrimental affect on completing tasks and even interacting in the real world.

If not puzzles, then try something else that makes you think.

You will notice the change, I promise.

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