Where You shouldn’t Go

Here’s a question…

Are your habits and thought processes propelling you towards improvement, or are they maintaining the status quo?

If no, then here’s another…

How does one shed undesirable patterns, how does one unlearn them?

In my early twenties, I grappled with a smoking habit for around two years.

This phase marked the first time I truly felt physically unwell.

Like, it was bad.

Climbing stairs turned into an arduous task, persistent coughing became the norm, and my skin exhibited this pale, lifeless hue.

Aware of the detrimental effects, I recognised the need of quitting.

But despite this knowledge, I persisted for a while anyway.

Eventually I had enough. I reached my breaking point.

I quit abruptly, without gradual reduction – How? That’s a story for another time.

But here’s the thing, reflecting on those smoking days, I hold no regrets.

They served as a vital learning chapter. Had I not experienced that phase, it’s possible I might have started smoking in my late thirties!

The essence here is that smoking embodied a habit requiring abandonment.

It yielded no advancement or betterment in my life.

This insight served as a catalyst, propelling me to adopt healthier alternatives.

I now knew where I didn’t want to go.

I don’t believe you need to “unlearn”, but rather use this information as lessons in the direction you no longer wish to pursue.

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