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Why a Blog?

This is my first official post.

Why am I creating a blog? Well a few reasons:

Keeping Track

There’s a lot that goes on in the world – obviously. So, I want a place where I can have a timeline of what was happening in the macro-environment, and perhaps updates from my world as well – if you are interested.

One regret I have is for the entire period of my childhood, I didn’t keep track of the many adventures I took with my family. I moved a lot when I was young, and I wish I had a written memory of the people I met, and places I visited.

Additionally, I want to keep track of current affairs. I want to document how it’s affecting our lives and possible opportunities or charity that I can get involved in – this is all sounding a little too self involved.

Building a Habit

I have, for the better part of 5 years now, tried to write consistently every day. I first started by just using a spiral school exercise book. I then upgraded to a moleskin book, which felt really official, followed by typing.

The reason I moved from a hand writer to a typist, was because I was awful at touch typing. I would type at a speed of 20 words per minute. I always knew I wanted to pre-sue a career writing in it, so this was a skill I needed to improve. So, the rationale was, I needed to type – everyday.

I started out by using a touch typing tool called 10 fast fingers. This helped me a lot. I didn’t even know where to put my clunky fingers on a keyboard – yeh, it was that bad.

Made it a habit to log in each day, and just practice, if even for 5 minutes. If you want to improve your typing speed, I really encourage you do this as well, you won’t believe how quickly you pick it up.

After 1 month, I already typing without looking at the screen. I’ll just repeat that, 1 month! For my entire 33 years, at the time, (I am 37 now) for the life of me, I didn’t know how to touch type. It almost felt like a super power. I now type faster then I was writing.

It’s a real benefit to my thinking and productivity, you are never too old to improve these things.

A Central Place

Of all the reasons, I want to bring my work to a singular location.

I create videos for Youtube, I post on Twitter and Instagram, and I have far more I want to do, including writing books and creating a podcast.

Having a central place will help me keeping in contact with you, my very gracious reader, watcher or listener, and it will allow me to manage all the different project I have on the go.

So thank you for joining me.

Be Helpful

In anyway I can, I do love hearing from you, and I really want to provide as much perspective and help where I can.


Where I can, I would like to provide insight on whatever I am researching for a new video, essay or blog, so you can be the first to hear about.

If you’re the curious type, you may want to be the first to know what’s coming up or when am I releasing a new piece of content, or what anything I might be sharing at the moment. I feel like this writing medium will allow me to be more vulnerable than I am on my videos or on social media. So, if you enjoy some of the soppy stuff, then you’ll get plenty of it here!

Answer Questions

Since I started posting content online, I get a lot of questions from readers and viewers on business, entrepreneurship, personal development, writing and much more.

Some questions are so good, I share them with others, but now, with permission, I can post about them on my website so other can benefit from it too.

Interacting with your audience is a real pleasure and not something many talk about. The kindness you receive, from complete strangers, has got to be one of the more heartwarming experiences.

If you have been on the fence about being more public with your brand, then let this be the nudge you didn’t ask for. Do it! You will be surprised at just how nice people can be and the new relationships you can build.

Be Vulnerable

For me, it’s easier to writing about my insecurities and vulnerabilities, then talking about them.

I find it hard to be vulnerable face to face. But I don’t have any problem doing it via the written word. I think vulnerability is important, but in certain doses.

For example, after a while, you just get sick of that man, or woman, on social media, that is a constant overshare-er. It’s annoying, narcissistic and ironic, because they believe it’s helpful. Sorry to say, it’s not – please stop.

So, as much I want to show a vulnerable side, I will only drop it in, every now and then.

If you abuse vulnerability, you lose authenticity. Nobody really wants to hear about your misfortunes everyday. Everybody has problems, it’s nice to relate, but only every now and then.

Connect With You

I want to know you, I want to hear from you, and I want to get to know you – not in a stalker kind of way, in a interested and curious way. I’m sane, okay.

But seriously, interacting with you is very important. I want to keep the comments section open on each post, and I will do my level best to reply to each and everyone of you.

If you made the trip over here, it’s the least I can do, I am very grateful you did, it means a lot.


To sum up, I want this to be a central place, where I can interact with you, meet you, speak to you, be helpful where I can, be vulnerable in small doses and selfishly keep helping me with building a habit of writing.

Thank you!

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